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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I think perhaps disclosure leads to backlash, thinking I have become even more empty and unproductive after trying to motivate myself to finsihing  my personal testimony. Well almost a year since last post so doing an update. This week went to a conference for mental wellness in Richmond. Around a hundred people from Canadian mental health clubhouses showed up. It was lots of fun. The band ten souljers played the gala dance and they were fantastic. On saturday before leaving on sunday I did my first real bike ride since arriving in sechelt three and half years ago. Wow long time. Maybe a few twenty and thirty rides, fourty at tops. Oh i did have a five hour mountain ride the summer before last so i guess that counts. But I did 60km on my roadie which was fantastic. There was a nice inspirational quote at one seminar, so even though I am too broken and brainwashed, and find life fictional, artificial, and futile, "I will not let adversary defeat me". One of the workers from Toronto encouraged me to stay focused on getting healthy and persevere. Will see if i can be more thorough and comprehensive with a better synopisis fo the even tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

werid post title must not be blank this used to be automatic year month day hmmm

hey the post editor has changed lots,  2013 now, today the third of july, went to BC Bike Race with Christie and cheered on the riders. Then we danced to some live local music. Played with Cassandra's kids. Reminded of all the babysitting in the 90s. That was rewarding. They went home. I helped clean up the field then walked home. On the way I helped a local with their lawn. It was real long and they were trying to use an electric mower. The lady Connie gave me  a couple tips of sites on the coast. Limestone caves somewhere and a gnome forest near davis bay. I said this allowed walking home so as to not forget and it stuck and even kick started some internally generated memory. I remembered christie asked me to check how reynard was feeling. Added this to the verbal list. Did that. Got home and we shot hoops. Wow i had no idea i did that unitl writing about it. So weird and bizarre. Have not been motivated to use a journal in ages. Maybe if i write things down i can remember events that have happened that, episodic memory that is unavailable to my normal standing up awake brain. Right so shot hoops cool. Oh then i turned on computer and thoguth i shoudl check to see if my webpage still existed. It does. Logged in so tripod goes 'hey that guy is still alive and the account need not be shut down for expiration. Oh cool big word. My fingers seem to know bigger words than my mouth. Interesting!!! rememberd i had a blog. Oppened that as well. Hey I coudl still write in gibsons. When I was in Kelowna I felt more alive and linear and energetic and remembered that i wanted to write about the bizarre bits of my life. Maybe i have a Sechelt allergy?Anyhoo feeling much smarter and happy eating rabbit food. Better than meds. And I finally stopped hunger cravings. Twenty pounds is too much extra for my skinny bones. Thought I would give high protein alfalfa rabbit food a shot LOL. Good job brain you saved the summer. Going to get healthy.  Usually my blog is about aliens or grief or fashion or hmm oh yeah cleavage and bums! But as I am dating someone fragile I should censor myself. The world can not know the travels of my eyeballs. Oh I can remember my whole day this is quite lovely and joyous. Christie had me do an errand to see what the pump track was like. There was an organizer with possibly chanel coco noir, I could smell a hint of spice, still not the old nose but functional enough to bother a random stranger with a perfume question. Fun to be around lots of cyclists. Christie enjoyed herself. Canada Day parade was nice. Christie was bothered by some woman as she thought we were not clapping enough. She stayed calm though and did not let it ruin her day.

A bit of work after dear diary distraction. Just some notes to expand on later ... describe event in revelstoke, where i dragged through his garden after trying to get my baseball or football whiel playing with dad, he pushing nail through my  hand, dad coming to rescue but slashed at, then erasure of life, was going to try and publish a statement somewhere overseas that is safe but what the heck I won't use any names, it is all good, that town was creepy, in the 90s one of blanks friends told some people had actually gone to trial against one of the principals but it was dropped, I never go back, maybe not as bad as langley and abbotsford, hard to say, danger danger! Home invasion when we still had green boat ... remeber this in detail ... probably around grade three ?? was when i still had  a friends number on the wall by the phone whom i was goign to try adn call or the police was undecied, anyhoo,   older kids playiing by camper i try and chase them off, but get threatened, i run in and close doors ...[or was that separate, memory fragemnt about beign at the arena, soem guy tyring to pick a fight with dad follows me into washroom, dad was not at home that night workign at motel, mom and kids away...]  ok anyhoo try and close doors am by phone there is tap on kitchen window, guy with curly hair with nylon on head points at garage, i had closed fornt door and back door but not locked garage door, i race to try adn hold it, run down staris and hide, he talks with  and older female in the stairwell, some how i escape from basement,    .. holding door closed in mom s closet   did i bit, ?? i run  i get outside,   at this time in life i would could jump up and grab the mexican style woo dbeams protudring from the house, I did this and climbed up, curly hair guy grabs ladder and chases me, i jump off into garden then hide under the wood thingy with steps that is used for the laundry line, but the bad guy rips up a boarfd, then danger danger, gr1 or kindergarten  maybe the summer bewteen, playing with blannk by the courthouse,  at night, have to pee, tall think bad cop comes by danget danger,  there was also big fat bad cop whom ahd somethign to do with a wmom of two of my firends danger danger, maybr not a bad cop?? was bad cop reitered and in revelstoke when i went bakc to visit?? danger danger,   ealry memeory fragment  very young, many people in room in building on the river side  [south?] of courthouse    ....    a potentially good guy memory  bunch of people  over a friends lawyer house  i come by when by chance they are discussing me and what someoen did to me??  oh the father of a girl i dated for jsut a couel week sseemed to know somethign about somethign scary having happened to me,  and another friend s dad tried to actually warn me about scary stuff by a cop came by  and .. lost time ...    weird ubc memory  in car a discussion about hardware, you know the kind that isnt supposed to exist,  that memory seems to optimistic,  ...   some disnyland memories .. expand...  

what I have learned,  talkign about trauma can lead to more trauma, you can be called an hallucinator which can get you tortured, some doctors may say something like , wel lthose events may have happened but realistically you know they are to bizarre to be entered into court, so there coudl be no legal resolution, so it is best to focus on the here and now and jsut try and enjoy the life that you do have, even if it is broken, thes e are nicer docotrs and will not torture you and woudl actually give you antidepresants or some form of cognitive dialogue based therapy that is mroe effective, they are fewer adn rare, but nice, some police  and nurses and psychologists and gp s may have remarks sush as not only do scary things happen even scrarier thing =s happen such that noone believes, .. if we are to percieve life on earth as involing some for of human chess or plaentary script, being able to help isolated cases of individuals suffering woudl be nice, but this planet suffers from global warfare, slavery , mass torture, mass delsusions, seems rather futile, goo dlcuk,

it is wrong to ignore crime, when a victim has the capacity to affect change I think they shoudl do so, i fnot on a particular case  then on a more generalized goal of changed legislation prtecting  vicitms, increased surveillance to prevent crime, i hae lived a somewhat comfortable and secure life for a couple years , ideally i wanted to finish my police statment, but for some unexplicable reason  I have been even more brian damaged than usual here, anyhoo, I am bored and not worried about any form of backlash so  go forth my blog  may courage bring good karma

Monday, January 04, 2010

monday first post of new decade 2010 hootwah, jobhunting so no time to worry when my daftness on these pages gets me dumped, it sounds like insane rubbish but the purpose is to provide a unique minority worldview, and ideally bring like minds together, a seed and catalyst for change, and not an attempt to impress women. In the past I had dialogue with fringe elements within the medical and justice communities. Systemic abuse and corruption is not a theory but a reality. But as one police officer had warned me, an investigation into lost time leads to the improbable. And in the real world both the improbable and impossible are invalid conclusions. Time and futility have removed me from the frontlines. I understand my limitations. If I find myself in a hotbed of human chess I am not to be free of it. That is my misfortune. Yet I celebrate what joys I have in life. To be held and kissed and sing of Love, the grail. When our parched souls drink. I am so lucky right now to have moments with the beautiful foxy Roxy. But since that stupid workplace injury my words are too few, my mind too still, my motivation sunk like the Titanic. Now is when I need a grand voice and 16bucks an hour. Not a forgotten year when it gets wasted on bike. The noose tightens. I swim less in the cold ocean waters at Grantham's Landing and forage craigslist for jobs, sending out resumes. There is no work in Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast. Usually people just give me jobs and I make money with grunt sweat. And extra beer money from IT on the side. I bike to Whistler or Vancouver in the morning. HMV Lady Beagle and I go forth and wage battle. Lady Beagle is my specialized epic, see pictures of her on my flickr. Maybe I can sell poems on Robson. I was all gung-ho telling my sister of the idea. I would so much just like to find something here, even at home data entry, but it is not in the cards. Anyhoo went to the polar bear swim here and my Captain Nemo swim team training paid off with a smashing victory of furthest and longest. This is a good start. Much happiness to all in the new year, may your bellies be full, and smiles many. kisses Kristaps

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today was worldnudebikeday and it was friggin awesome!!!!!! Zillions of people, a police escort and happy fans honking! Gorgeous naked women on bikes, a guy with a bowtie on his willy, free chips and soda at the end with some guitar and volleyball. Sweet. And wow, an escape from Langley. Its like as soon as I am on the skytrain my zombie destroyed Langley existence siezes to be, and I rejoin the human race. In Langley everyone lives in their cars. And girls do not wear dresses or stockings. And there are no frakkin veggie restaraunts. The beauty in Vancouver was endless. Asians with cleavage. Redheads with cleavage. Desi and Persian girls with huge eyes and smiles. Women with Burj Dubai legs. Ocean, highrises, crowds, people walking and talking and being human, not valley cyborgs with a ten foot umbilical cord to their cars. And so many buses, and slow traffic, and nice drivers. After being trapped in Langley for so long with its chaotic evil madness on 200 and 88 and just everywhere, Broadway and downtown vancouver felt like biking around a parking lot!!!! Oh the joy of a world like heaven. Sidewalks with trees. Places to lock a bike. Yes, vancouver has actual sidewalks, and people that walk on them!!!!!! A day without 200th street, the glorious fun, so happy, so happy, so happy. Peace.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

more filler .....

plentyoffish has a forum with some poetry threads, one asked contributors to write about repressed malevolent desires....

I am an altruist herbivore so I have no malevolent desires that need to be repressed, of course as a biological organism I should have the right to express as a natural mammal should, rejoicing in the sun, and lucky am I to sometimes live in Vancouver or Whistler where we have nude beaches, and once a year I can bike naked dt or protest with PETA, but what if it were not so that 'all men are born free but everywhere in chains', what if I woke up one day and ran naked down Robson and Denman then found Bacchic rites at English Bay, and got ravished by a horde of drunken women, but minus the cannibalism, lots of grapes and no dead cows, ok lets work it.....

Mother breathe deep and swell your waters
inhale the robots that have hammered men
like nails into the earth buried and dead
forgotten from the light
digested like food and made into dark works
that hurt your children and rape the land
monsters of death and destruction
a garden has burned into chaos and hunger,
Mother breathe deep to fill your lungs
and clear the sky
so the sun can nurture
the broken orphan seeds
Mother breathe
and we shall walk naked and free

more fish same night, in response to a thread with a spelling mistake, that is a thread titled 'lick at this picture'

I licked a picture see then the picture licked at me
I licked a little more, picture said I was whore
spanked that picture good,
like a licking picture should
spank me in return,
until self and picture burn
I blush,
picture likes that alot, says I am so very hot,
picture wants some more,
you are a nasty whore,
lick a little closer,
lick and never stop,
when you lick a picture
you must lick of every drop


I licked a post
at first I thought I licked
a picture
but that was because I thought I was at the
Ellen and Portia de Rossi wedding
and they thought my dancing was so funky
I got invited into their chambers for some playtime,
and I was liplocked with worlds hottest woman Portia,
tooth to tooth and tongues dancing like frakkin serpents,
and Ellen biting me on the neck and cheek and ear,
[ear nibbles and nipple kisses :D]
hard so there are marks, nice of her,
well you get the picture,
and you want to lick the picture right!
but I have no luck to lick the lovely ladies so,
I lick a post with my tale,
of lonely wanton licking woes,

ouch that deserves a spanking, bad poet bad, :devil:

here is just a composite of random rants you know filler cause I am to lazy to throwup recent poems.....


can not see many secrets being leaked on blogs that are not already blocked by google or never written, there is far too much global disinformation for someone to stumble on reality, as far as I know, I am the only poster on the entire web familiar with concepts like 'planetary scripts', human chess, and parasitic neural interfaces, I had prior knowledge on Challenger, 911, SEA tsunami, and other headline crimes, [yes there is now a comic called planetary scripts, but as far as google knows I introduced this phrase to the english language in the 90s, and a brain tube is only referenced as the neural drainage device and at one time a band, but never as parasitic technology, discussion of which will get you called insane, soldiers that want the news can just drop by their local psych ward and interview the pariah agents [data mules], think me insane for an ET rant, its the 21st century and ppl worship a god and drive around minefields in a jeep, that so screams fictional lives, and truth is not something that can be declassified if it is not known, I am sure the whitehouse believes the WTC story that is sold to the world, their free will to act is never questioned, but think of the math, after centuries of american imperialism, a counterstrike comes not from a native or African nation but a small muslim cell??? [and on a building that had already been attacked which lead a joint task force to determine a plane assault to be the highest risk, so the fact that no countermeasures were in place speaks not of complicancy, conspiracy, or gross negligence but of something else, subtle and nefarious] yeah anyhoo Fox good, journalism bad, long live the robots, feel free to write, ty K

then I respond to another comment same thread....

yeah Doug semantics, knowledge and power are not opposites but complimentary, and power is not corruption, your beef is really the abuse of power 'understanding of perception' is not 'the energy to exact change' but defines its efficiency, Thrasymacus is only right when he has the best sword, and to an altruist he is always wrong, the power to learn evolved because it contributes to the power to survive, knowledge + power = manufacturing = more knowledge and greater power, and to merge your topic with mine, learning blossoms in an altruist society but ours is plagued by outbreaks of terrible violence; how does the abuse of power grow, what is the natural timeline for the mutation of an altruist society into one dominated by corruption or is the continued productivity of a workforce that should be rebellious to inhuman acts evidence of social and biological engineering, should the world not be on strike to resolve the crisis of poverty, this is like the phenomena of Hitler, sure each complex mammalian species will have its percentage of violent bullies and monsters, but how can they rule the planet unchallenged?? ty K

then more rubbish different site


americans are so brainwashed after the initial bombing [92ish?] a joint taskforce determined an airstrike to be a weakness so someone had to cancel the countermeasures, since the 70s isreal has advised the us to impliment higher levels of security on planes and at airports, look how phony bush acts in the classroom, I know personally that both the cia and csis were informed in august01 of a probable world event, also after the seismic tests in seattle my research indicated there would be a technologically assisted world event with a sesimic facade in southeast asia probablly bangladesh or thailand, one of my friends said that detonations would not be masked as a nautural phenomena but I assured him that I knew one of the seattle region earthquakes to have an artificial trigger and that that technoclogy woudl most likely be deployed in SEAsia, but are major world events planned by small militias or superpowers, or more likely borderless stealth organizations, it is a funny paradox for ppl to ridicule conspiracists when the alternative is transparency, that everyone tells the truth, and it is a huge conspiracy to brainwash a population into believing all authority to be true, think Hitler, would you yourself help to kill children in mass, no, the holocaust reeks of mass brainwashing, how about the bible, this refers to a city in the sky, a rainbow bridge, ppl who could write were that eras doctors and phds, they would know the difference between a city on a mountain and one in the sky, this and other artifacts document technology which the status quo would not have you believe existed at that time, ...who, what, where, why, when, how, ...before I got sane and accepted the obvious reality of aliens and planetary scripts, I hypothesized what I call the Atlantean convict theory, given that deme groups evolve at a rate particular to their environment it is probable that some isolated homo/pan tribe had conditions for favourable mutations, perhaps a poisonious fauna that caused a symbiotic defense enzyme with longevity and increased mental cofactors, or a dietary flora that helped produce more effeicent neural peptides and denser brain mass, anyhoo think thousands of 2kg plus brains that have a fusion reactor accident or freak cometary disaster and the survivors are a penal colony, perhaps some of these criminals were responsible for the destruction of their own civivlation, and continued to perpetuate morbidity on lesser cultures, [but to really understand life on earth you have to see the big picture of the multiverse, of the civilizations that existed at infinity minus 10billion years, of organic and artificial sentients that exist for googlepexes of years, thus leading to my revised theory of googleplexian criminals and not just planetary scripts but huge constructs I call a universe in a bottle] blah blah blah, yeah anyhoo have not watched this probably just some rubbish to make sane ppl look bad [so nonrational ppl that worship god or greed can point at icke or tom cruise and to anything sane about ET as rubbish rubbish rubbish] the wtc fell, why, cuase someone beleives in a different prophet [least probable], cause america wages too many war games, cause Bush needed an excuse to invade Iraq [does Bush come across as that villainous, or more a nonplayer or neutral in a petroleum powerplay to restore authority on their investment, Hussein was paid to fight the Iranians but was not a maleable pawn for the saudis and white house to control, maybe someone had warned the white house to resolve the issue with weapons of mass destruction as the excuse or there would be one far better????], or are there ppl with limitless power who just get off on pain and bloodshed, whom play human chess, design planetary scripts, so yada yada maybe a bit risky to be sane online but maybe willl find some allies or hipfroodycats to hang with yeah anyhoo just some toughts to ponder on the weekend and no stealing my ideas for books or movies cause I am a poor bastard wan tto get rich off my strange biography show me the money or at least a new bike cuase my roadie got stolen if you are a white knight or good guy wannabee I can show you how to find pariah agents and retrieve their cache, I can also help with active hosts, say you run something like nasdaq or the ny stock exchange and want to stabilize the economy or other orgs concerned with security you should really do behavioral tests under multiimaging - mri/cat particularlly you are looking for chronoligical anamolies, too familiar with past or future events, also random stimuli and forced trauama looking for over/underactive neural pillars/clusters [sentience can be found in host tissue just not neural grafts and brain tubes] you want to be checking the whole body that is nuff said remember life is stranger than fiction to think otherwise is dangerouslly naive ty K


missed it, cuddy is the greek hottie right, that is a serious piece, she needs sexier clothes, cute dresses, tops with more cleavage, brighter colours that highlight her features, wicked butt baby, HELLO BIKINI SCENE,and not to flame but fire with fire, yo homz, any human male that disses on girl-girl must be doing something perverse and wrong, kudos to the writers for a season, but god and the afterlife, that is so 80s, instead of an archaic black-white god vs atheism, do an actual study of the pathology of religious belief. The level of dedication to irrational belief observed among fundamentalists goes beyond simple cultural indoctrination. The science of mass brainwashing is much more than spankings and verbal abuse. The bible exists as a volume of historical documents, these documents and others of their era refer to technology not known at that time, these scribes were learned and would know the difference between a mountain village and a city in the sky, they would know a rainbow to have no mass. Whether or how someone parted the red sea there can be no doubt that a modern and past audience has been hoodwinked by advanced sentients of terrestial or other origin. If a house writer stumbles on this thread I have more than enough dialogue for an episode. You could have two college students, one a scientologist [or atheist that does not believe in ET], the other muslim, whom by exploring the reasons behind their beliefs become enlightened and empowered to reduce harm by brainwashing [ie house to both of them, 'look at hubbard and all the gibberish he writes, it would take a lot more cattle prods for me to believe that over his million virgins, wait you're not virgins are you, I'll just get cutthroat in a wettshirt and your insane dribble will erode into natural hedonism', maybe I could even get a plug for pink army [organization I formed years ago to combat social corruption and organized crime involved in anything the police would not touch, think pedophilia, lost time, bodysnatching, human chess, and of course planetary scripts.. ]. Did I say more swimsuits :D ty Kristaps
kristaps | Feb 6, 2008 8:26:18 PM | #


cbc comment ....
is this thread biased by mods or just volume of servants to the APA throne, really whatever hogwash the media and Old Boys spin, the truth is much stranger than chemical imbalances, please realize many victims of abuse are called psychotic, in the 19century women who did not want to be beaten by their husbands were mentally ill, now there is a modern holocaust where people abused under altered states are called insane, are told their memories are hallucinations, and a description of them is really just a description of 'voices', another problem is the deniability of the criminal use of technology, those involved in disinfo would have you believe that criminals are mindless cretins that deal drugs or steal cars and perhaps at best maybe use a computer, blah blah,reality check, the most dangerous of criminals are well organized and never labeled a criminal, think of centuries of slave trade, a crime against humanity perpetrated not by gangs or thugs but by an alliance of nations with the most advanced weapons to deploy. If in the 60s and 70s the military had drugs, devices, and methods of torture, that could be put to malevolent effect, guaranteed they made it to the street and were put to ill use. If electrical disruption were used on the victims brain so that they were semi-conscious, perhaps split hemispheric conditions [or worse an isolated pillar or aggregate in which case the experience would be unprocessed until made available to the conscious mind, either by time, chance, or direct trigger] it will be difficult for them to recall and describe the event but it is still real, not a hallucination, not voices. And of course this is just small time in the bigger picture of the world, the most believable level of truth, just ask me about headline crime, human chess, parasitic neural agents, or even planetary scripts. The naive and wrong will call me a nutter, others still will target me for backlash, but for those that think Rwanda, the holocaust, and such events strange give me a shout. For family of schizos, when victims say drugs hurt, they do, the doctor will tell you they have no affect on memory blah blah, just google some research on their toxicity, eg, haldol etc are used to induce cognitive deficit for studies of alzheimer and anti-parkinsonian drugs. A strong EM field would be much more therapeutic. Prozac good, death bad! peace out yours K

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

restarting glossary posts and the 'brief history of lost time' - what is a neural parasite or brain tube - in the context of human chess and planetary scripts a neural parasite is a natural or engineered organism affecting control over a host, a brain graft is pretty much nuff said, surgery within the womb can make you a covert soldier or give you a bad case of multiple personality disorder and John Malkovich disease, and a brain tube is a device which was hoped to be removable parastic agent that could graft into the host peripheral nervous system. Yeah I know sounds like science fiction and of course our big brother the AMA will say alien exploitation is a standard delusion fostered by modern media. Whatever. Some people may think Hitler, the holocaust, millennium of slavery, random head chopping, mass homocide/suicide, and blah blah are just naturally evolved behaviors but I say rubbish on that. My money is on aliens and planetary scripts, or at least if you want to keep it Terran you can go with my Atlantean convict theory. One centuries fiction is often fact in the next. Anyhoo it is all pretty much mute. I think few people have free will. They are just sentient slaves trapped within a body with a flood of sensory data and limited or no use of their motor neurons. ......

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tara the roommate is a prolific and habituated writer, and has the most marvelous small but perky melons, she would sit and write countless pages each day, and I would ask are those words of love for my raw sexy muscles and of course she would say no Kristaps your sexy muscles are not written of in this epic for you are a bad boy and stare at my pretty bum and call me beautiful too often and ask for kisses you will not get , I know you love me and want to be bitten and oh grrrr all that boy stuff, but even though you have sexy muscles I will not handcuff you or smother you, and especially not read you my poems. ..... yeah anyhoo went to the Barn Dance, it was packed with tons of hotties, where do they hide in daylight, and redheads, Pembie has more than one redhead? not much country or line dancing, but the feature item was the afterparty at snowdawg Mikchuck this so hip place with a little hobbit style wood fired sauna built over a little lake, and you can swim in and out, and yes true, for real, in little Pembie, NAKED women, five days later and I still have a bobble head, yeah it was good times, and I finally made it down to the city, visited hot x girlfriend, did not get whipped or chained up there either, but did get to go swimming in the OCEAN unh uh unh uh its my birthday yeah need to work somewhere with an ocean and no cars or criminals just lots of horny people with big library oh yeah owners of the house are in town cool nice couple didn't talk with them much just my usual good time sweating and lifting two by 12s and decking, the house is getting so huge and the view from the roof is absolutely amazing, ok 11 pm hours past my bedtime have to snooze no time for the nice stack of books I just got at the library darn k good times ppls ty Kman

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Short bike up the meadows then have some old cold thermos coffee but good peanut butter and jam pumpernikel sandwiches. My friend the hot librarian Erica wrote a couple articles for local newspaper "the question", cool, still stuck here in Pembie. Nothing new.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

yo word spent the summer working on a farm in Pemberton aka Ptown north arm good times just finished a few days ago staff had a great harvest dinner prepared by Araxi's chef Andrew to end the season will try and do an update on the good times right now going to crash but just some notes for later expansion on reviews recent reads the last light of the sun by guy gavriel kay not his best but good quality fantasy riding with rilke by ted bishop bio about a canadian profs adventures motorcycling from alberta to texas for archival research at the harry ransom center in austin pretty good lots of books and tidbits about authors had fun on halloween met this superhottie Emma but she has not called back yet Remembrance day was good flirted with some super hot moms had a couple beers at the legion have a few days chopping wood with my neighbour life is good times ty Kman

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Watched the Oscars good fun. Must say wow Selma Hayek is so hot with such huge round dreamy soft jiggling jubblies !!! Maggie Gyllenhal so the cutest woman on earth. Virginia Madsen great dress huge jugs and smoochy sultry need more pretty face. Hillary Swank !!!! Yes best gown of the night and what a nice ass. Other hotties Annete Benning. Sindy Powell in a wonderful green dress, Zellweger in red wow. Will link some photos later. Any of these foxes want to get married just give me a shout ditto for any other hunnies that want to party.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

from some other blog Dear President Bush, Thank you for doing so much to educate people regardingGod's law. I have learned a great deal from you and try to share thatknowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defendthe homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them thatLeviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some otherelementsof God's Laws and how to follow them: 1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, bothmale and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not toCanadians. Can you clarify? Why can't I own Canadians? 2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, assanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you thinkwouldbe a fair price for her? 3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman whileshe is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev. 15:19-24). Theproblem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women takeoffense. 4. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I knowit creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev. 1:9). The problem is myneighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should Ismitethem? 5. I have a neighbor who insists on working on theSabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states that he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the policetodo it? 6. A friend of mine feels that, even though eatingshellfish is an abomination (Lev. 11:10), it is a lesser abominationthan homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this? Are there"degrees" of abomination? 7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar ofGod if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wearreadingglasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-roomhere? 8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed,including the hair around their temples, even though this is expresslyforbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die? 9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of adead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I weargloves? 10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 byplanting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife bywearing garments made of two different kinds of thread(cotton/polyesterblend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting thewhole town together to stone them (Lev. 24:10-16)? Couldn't we justburn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with peoplewho sleep with their in-laws (Lev. 20:14)? I know you have studied these things extensively and thusenjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I am confident you canhelp. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word iseternaland unchanging.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

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Monday, March 10, 2003


Sunday, December 01, 2002

Saw Bif Naked in concert yesterday. She has lots of fans with big boobs. Some people got to touch her belly. She has a redhead goddess guitarist Jillian whom has a posse of screaming worshippers. I fell in love and blew her kisses :D My friend James was going to come but his father passed away from cancer so he has flown back to Fredericton. But I did say hi to Bif for him. more later...

Monday, October 28, 2002

Friday I bought this awsome blue feaux fur coat from Quick Nickel on Davie at Denman for only 50 bucks. Wow girls love it. They pet me and I get hugs! Bonus :D Saturday morning I was heading up Robson and saw a crowd which turned out to be people waiting to get naked for free stuff at Lululemon. So I got naked and scored a wonderful bright orange top! Maybe 40 people stripped down right on the street before heading in. There was this super goddess Hannah whom looks like Portia de Rossi and has nipple rings. Wow. And there was this a redhead with the most amazing super huge super perky boobs. And a girl whom looks like Martina Hingis. A Lang-hi student did a photo shoot with me. It was awsome fun posing and shit. She is cool. The media was there and I got on primetime news Yeah!! Thanks Lululemon for the great shirt Yeah!! Love everyone be happy yours Kristaps

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

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